The story behind


We’ve come a long way since our initial launch only three years ago.

Only three years ago, our story begun. The idea was to sell quality products at great prices. If that does not strike you as a remarkably unique idea, we agree with you. There are plenty of businesses wanting to be the best and most affordable out there. Regardless, two years later, we have almost 30000 products from top brands to offer, so we must have done something right. We are convinced the success is a result of not only having the quality products to offer at great prices: Our dedication to excel at customer service is undoubtedly an important factor. There is no business without customers, so it is not rocket science to understand that making them happy should be a top priority. And we are grateful for every happy customer that shops with us.

Back in early 2018, our catalog included 120 products. Today, that number is almost 30000.



We welcome you to Dropthing

Why Shop With Us

  • All products are shipped from our warehouse located in the EU.
  • We dispatch all orders within one business day.
  • Only authentic products.
  • Top quality, huge selection, and great prices.